Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

HafcoVac is the price and service leader in industrial compressed air powered industrial vacuums. Typically, our heavy duty air powered industrial vacuums consist of a vacuum generating venturi head, which sits atop either a 30 or a 55 gallon drum with a variety of options as unique as your application. You can choose a complete industrial vacuum unit, ready to go out of the box, or purchase just the venturi vacuum head for use on your own drums.  Major considerations in your selection of a unit will include your air supply, anti-static explosion proof vacuum requirements, HEPA filtration for hazardous application, and the type of material being picked up.

Please note that Hafco Vacs can be used for both wet and dry pickup, with no modification necessary in the field

All products are made in the USA and available in our Online Store, normally shipping the same or next day! Complete product descriptions, photos, and pricing are available for fast and easy purchasing!

HafcoVac industrial compressed air vacuum cleaners are robust, carry a manufacturers Lifetime Warranty, and are used in a wide variety of industries.

HafcoVac Complete Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Units

HafcoVac Industrial Vacuums - 30 and 55 gallon

HafcoVac Industrial Vacuums – 30 and 55 gallon

Complete industrial vacuum units are our most popular item. Shipped with everything you need to be up and running in minutes, our turnkey solution provides superior performance, durability and quality at an unbeatable price.

Complete industrial vacuum cleaner units are available in several configurations. You can choose between 30 and 55 gallon containers, 60 or 100 CFM vacuum heads, dual venturi models, and 1 1/2″ and 2″ vacuum hose models. HEPA filtration is available on all HafcoVac models. Please view our Selection Guide or call and speak with a product specialist to ensure the correct unit for your application. We’d also be happy to build you a custom industrial vacuum for unique applications.

HafcoVac Vacuum Generating Heads

HafcoVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner HeadVacuum heads create a powerful vacuum when installed on your own 30 or 55 gallon drums. Due to the powerful suction that is created, if your drum was not purchased from HafcoVac, you must ensure that it is constructed of a minimum of 18 gauge(1.1mm) steel. The use of a thinner walled or damaged drum can result in collapse of the drum, resulting in possible damage to the vacuum head or injury. (Not to mention an even larger mess!)

HafcoVac heads are available with the same configuration options as the complete units, but, as you can see, do not include the steel drum, vacuum hoses, air supply hoses or accessories

HafcoVac Industrial Vacuum Supplies, Parts and Accessories

HafcoVac sells a complete line of industrial vacuum cleaner parts and accessories, many of which may be compatible with other vacuum systems, such as Nortech or Vac-U-Max should you already have a unit. Please visit the Online Store for a complete listing of product descriptions, prices and photos.

A few of our parts and accessories include: