Drum Size Selection

HafcoVac industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaners require a drum, either 30 or 55 gallon, to operate. The drum acts as the material collection container, as well as acts as a sealed chamber in which the vacuum is generated. Both size units will perform identically! Some considerations for your decision should include:

  • Space Constraints – A 30 gallon unit might be a better fit at a constrained workstation.
  • Drum Availability – If you aren’t purchasing a complete unit, are 55 gallon drums more readily available to you than 30 gallon? Keep in mind, drums must be a MINIMUM of 18 gague or heavier as to not implode under the high vacuum pressures created.
  • Material Volume/Density – Would a 55 gallon drum full of the material to be recoverd be too heavy to safely manage, empty or transfer? Would a 30 gallon drum require emptying too frequently, thereby interfering with efficient operation? This may be particularly critical if using the unit as a substitute for a pneumatic vacuum pump.