Features & Options

Determining which HafcoVac is perfect for you is a simple process. We are happy to help by offering consultation through our vacuum configurator, phone, online chat or email.  We will guide you step by step through making 5 simple decisions necessary to determine the perfect solution at straightforward and unbeatable pricing.

Our vacuum configurator helps you explore which combination of features is possible and provides helpful tips along the way.  Get started building your HafcoVac now, or explore any of the feature options in greater detail:

  1. Explosion Proof / Anti Static Vacuums
  2. Vacuum Accessory Configuration
  3. Air Supply Requirements
  4. Vacuum Hose Diameter
  5. Drum Size

drum vacuums come in a variety of configurations. This guide is intended to help you choose the most appropriate pneumatic vacuum cleaner for your application. We want to be sure you purchase the most suitable pneumatic vac for your application, so please contact us should you have any uncertainties!