Anti Static Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners

anti-static explosion vacuums

HV-55-2010X Explosion Proof Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaner

HafcoVac explosion proof vacuum cleaners are ATEX Certified safe for use in hazardous locations as part of a combustible dust control program and are suitable for many flammable and combustible materials. If you will be working with combustible dusts, flammable substances or materials with a tendency to build static electricity during conveyance, you are strongly advised to choose our explosion proof option when ordering. With no motors to arc and no moving parts to create friction or spark, our non-electric explosion proof vacuums are a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for your business.

HafcoVac Certified Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners bond all components of the vacuum together, ensuring no part is left isolated from its path to ground. When used in conjunction with our static conductive hose, a HafcoVac explosion proof vacuum is an economical alternative to  other products which often sell for many times the cost.

With performance uncompromised by explosion proof vacuum safeguards, an upgrade to an explosion proof vacuum cleaner will perform with the same power HafcoVac is known for. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice your budget to protect your business and employees.

If you are unsure if dust ignition proof vacuum equipment is necessary for your application or facility, a HafcoVac representative will gladly provide a thorough application analysis to ensure appropriate product selection.

Are HafcoVacs Certified Explosion Proof?


While no known standards exist in the United States for the certification of pneumatic vacuums for use in hazardous environments, the European Union does have such a standard.  Known as the ATEX directive, these standards describe types of equipment approved for use in explosive atmospheres.

ATEX certified explosion proof vacuums

HafcoVac vacuums are ATEX certified for use in  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70: NEC rating Class I, Division 1(Zone 1 only), Groups A,B,C,D T6 and Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G T6.

HafcoVac anti-static grounded units(“x” model designation) machines meet the criteria for intrinsically safe operation – no moving parts, non-electric & fully grounded means the unit will not spark and will not generate dangerous amounts of heat.

Additionally, we have designed these machines specifically for use in hazardous locations – building in a double safeguard of conductive static dissipative materials & connections, coupled with complete grounding of all components of the unit.

For further details of the ATEX Certification, please see HafcoVac ATEX Declaration Page.

Intrinsic Safety

Our explosion proof pneumatic vacuums:

  • contain no moving parts, eliminating possibility of ignition from mechanical friction or contact.
  • use no electricity, eliminating sparks from motor arcing, shorts, switches, etc.
  • are fully grounded when an explosion proof vacuum configuration is ordered, ensuring dangerous static electricity will not accumulate.

Intrinsic Safety is a protection technique for equipment operating in explosive environments. The principal states that electrical and thermal energy must not build up sufficiently to discharge.  With heat or friction risks such as those present when using an electrically operated industrial vacuum safely eliminated, static electricity remains.

HafcoVac explosion proof vacuums are static freeThe complete grounding of all components, including air supply line, vacuum generating head, collection drum, dolly and vacuum hose ensure that static electricity is continuously dissipated, protecting against dangerous static buildup, which could lead to electrostatic discharge (ESD), posing potentially serious consequences when in the presence of combustible substances. HafcoVac explosion proof vacuum models factory equipped as an explosion proof configuration ensures static electricity will not accumulate.

It is critically important that the operator understand the functions of the grounding system. Inspections are suggested prior to each use to ensure the integrity of all grounding wires and points. Care must be taken to not circumvent any grounding safeguards, and should also be exercised to ensure parts such as hoses aren’t used interchangeably with those from non explosion proof systems.

Explosion Proof Applications

HafcoVac explosion proof vacuum cleaners are  suitable for a wide range of applications. Safeguard your business from worker injury, OSHA fines or catastrophic incident by protecting your facility with HafcoVac’s safe non electric anti static vacuum cleaners.

Some typical applications which for which often require the use of appropriately equipped explosion proof vacuums include:

  • Hazardous Locations – If you need to operate a vacuum in an OSHA defined hazardous location, you must use equipment safe for use in that environment.  HafcoVac explosion proof models are approved for use in Class I,II.
  • Combustible Dust Mitigation – OSHA has been increasingly strict about enforcing it’s General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) through it’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program. Many businesses have faced steep fines for failing to adhere to these requirements. Additional regulation is pending, if your company doesn’t already have a combustible dust program, you’ll likely catch the attention of an OSHA inspector if you don’t have suitable equipment such as a HafcoVac explosion proof vacuum.
  • Flammable Liquids – Many industries need to recover flammable liquids or fuels produced as a byproduct of a manufacturing process, or inadvertently spilled. Even if your facility does not regularly produce hazardous byproducts, ensuring your vacuum is safe for any unpredicted application is prudent protection.
  • Manufacturing Byproducts – Many processes such as milling, grinding, cutting produce dangerous scrap which must be safely collected and properly disposed of without endangering employees or the facility.
  • Static prone materials – Many materials, even those which pose no explosion hazard, create dangerous static electricity buildup as they are conveyed through an ungrounded system.  An explosion proof unit will provide static dissipation. A HafcoVac is an excellent choice as a powder paint vacuum
  • Protection from the unknown – You may not anticipate a vacuum being used for picking up flammable or combustible materials, but you never quite know what a tool in your facility may be used for outside it’s normal application.  Add explosion protection for peace of mind.