Paper and Pulp Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Pulp and paper mills traditionally produce significant amounts of dust as well combustible dust particles. Paper mills can greatly reduce the risk of fire and health hazards by implementing good housekeeping practices. Many customers in the paper and pulp industry have been reporting increased OSHA attention to housekeeping practices. Regular maintenance and housekeeping can also reduce the risk of combustible dust. Some paper and pulp facilities, especially those that process chemically treated paper, may be required to use an explosion proof vacuum cleaner.

The paper and pulp industry also utilizes large amounts of water in the paper making process. Industrial vacuums may also be needed to recover water or other material in the manufacturing facility.

HafcoVac manufactures a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners suited for the paper and pulpindustry. Features of our industrial vacuums for paper and pulp facilities include:

  • Versatility for use with wet, dry, sludge or anything in-between.
  • High CFM vacuum capable of effortlessly moving low density material like paper and dust.
  • 55 gallon recovery container is perfect for bulky material like paper, resulting in less time emptying and more time cleaning.
  • Powerful suction reduces pesky clogs.
  • Operate with compressed air, NOT electricity!
  • Have no moving parts to wear, burn out, or spark
  • Perform in wet or dry applications
  • Are made in the USA
  • Deliver up to 3x the power of the electric “competition” – up to 19″ HG vacuum lift (~228″ water)
  • Are Safer than electric models
  • Explosion proof vacuum options
  • Have optional HEPA filtration

393_imageHV-55-20185VX – The 55 gallon, 185CFM, 2” hose model is a popular choice for paper and pulp users, particularly those who have ample compressed air supply, and may need to pick up large volumes of paper and pulp byproducts at all stages of production. The HV-55-20185VX is a fully grounded, anti-static model suitable for use with combustible dusts and materials.

explosion proof vacuumHV-55-2010VX – This 55 gallon, 100CFM vacuum with 2″ hose is very similar to the previous recommendation, requiring a lower volume air supply for facilities with air constraints, while still delivering performance for most applications.