Mining Rock Dust Blowers

HafcoVac Rock Dust Blowers are an economical and safe method for the application of non combustible rock dust  in coal mines.

Very economically priced, HafcoVac Rock Dusters operate using compressed air common in many mines and require no permits, certification, approval, logs, etc.  HafcoVac’s Rock Dusters have no moving parts.

Dust application rate is variable, making a HafcoVac Rock Duster a perfect solution for both trickle and bulk dusting operations. A wide range of sizes and configurations are available, though most mining customers choose a 55 gallon drum model (~550 lbs of Rock Dust capacity).

Ask about how a HafcoVac rock duster can assist in compliance with MSHA TIC regulations.

Learn more about how the Hafco Rock Duster works with this video:

Dusting in a Bleeder