Rock Duster Product Line

Hafco Rock Dusters are available in a variety of configurations for applications in all areas of today’s coal mines.

The Original 55-gallon portable rock dusterHafcoVac Rock Duster

  • 550 pound rock dust capacity
  • No moving parts for safe, reliable operation from a unique patented design
  • Connect over 500 feet of discharge hose
  • Compressed air requirements as low as 20 CFM
  • Thousands in use throughout WA, PA, VA, AL and CO
  • No permissibility exams or certifications required
  • Available with or without wheels for easy maneuverability

The BIG TANK duster

  • 7,000 pound rock dust capacity
  • Connect over 500 feet of discharge hose
  • Simple 3-piece construction can be unloaded and assembled by only two workers
  • Sizes of each piece meet tunnel restrictions of 54″ maximum height, 72″ diameter
  • Same powerful patented venturi technology as our 55-gallon drum duster

Hafco Transfer Stations

  • Used to move rock dust to remote locations, thousands of feet from nearest track.
  • Each station receives dust, separates entrained air, and propels the dust down the line using only compressed air
  • Cyclone technology eliminates the need for filters, reducing maintenance
  • Entire system operates under low pressure for safety and weight savings