Vacuum Configurations

HafcoVac compressed air vacuums are available in a variety of  configurations for your convenience.  You’ll be asked when configuring your vacuum which package level from the following best suits your needs:

Complete Vacuum

Complete Vacuums are a turnkey solution to your  vacuuming needs, offering unparalleled performance, reliability and value.  Complete vacuums are shipped with everything you need to safely make your facility shine.  Unpack, connect to your air supply and handle any cleanup job with ease.HafcoVac complete industrial vacuums

  • 18 Gauge Drum
  • Vacuum Generating Head
  • Vacuum Hose
  • 20′ x 3/4″ ID Air Supply Line
  • Caster Base (Drum dolly)
  • Wet/Dry Floor tool with 4′ wand
  • Crevice Tool
  • Filter (HEPA standard on explosion proof models, optional on others)

Head & Tools

If you already have quality 18 gauge(1.1mm) drums, our Vacuum Head & Tools package may be for you.  The Head & Tools configuration includes everything in the Complete Vacuum package, except for the drum and dolly.  For best performance, we always recommend a Complete Vacuum.  We understand many customers already have drums, and will happily sell without a drum, provided we share a few important considerations before using the stock around your facility:

  • Your drum must be a standard size 30 or 55 gallon steel drum constructed of 18 gauge (1.1mm) thick steel.  HafcoVac vacuum heads rest on the top of the drum, held fast by the strong venturi suction.  If your drum is not a standard size, or doesn’t have a smooth lip, the head will not fit or can fail to create a good seal.  If your drum is not at least 18 gauge, it will implode under the extreme vacuum pressure created inside.
  • If ordering an explosion proof vacuum model, you must ensure your drum is fully grounded to ensure static electricity dissipation.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase an explosion proof head without a drum and are unsure of grounding procedures.

Head Only

A “head only” configuration contains ONLY our venturi vacuum head, filter and hose inlet adapter.  This option is most popular for shops who are tired of replacing burned out electric drum top models.  Already have a big investment in industrial vacuum accessories, tools and drums?  Replace your failure prone electric head with a compressed air powered HafcoVac vacuum head with a lifetime warranty and you’ll never replace a head again!

Please note the important considerations for the Head & Tool kit listed above also apply. Additionally, you must provide your own 3/4″ air supply line with Chicago Coupler, or purchase separately.