How do I choose the right HafcoVac based on my application?

Check back soon for our Vacuum Assistant. While we are building our online assistant you can get quick service by email: info@hafcovac.com or phone: 877.820.0050

Can the HafcoVac be used for Wet and Dry applications?

Yes it can.

Because there is no motor or moving parts to worry about, you can simply remove the Filter and use the liquid shutoff for wet clean up. Our drums also have a 2″ diameter bung at the bottom for easy emptying of liquids.

Why are compressed air vacuums safer than electric?

Because the HafcoVac uses compressed air to generate suction, there are no moving parts or any possibility of heat build up. This is what gives HafcoVac it’s Safety Standard and is preferred By OSHA and the NFPA for use in Hazardous Environments.

What kind of Warranty comes with the HafcoVac?

All HafcoVac models come with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Because there is no motor that will burn out, you will only need to replace the consumable items (Filter, Filter Bags, Foam Silencer and Gaskets).

Certified, OSHA Compliant, For Wet or Dry Use, Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty, Same Day Shipping, Industry Leading Price and Performance

Why is the HafcoVac so affordable compared to their competitors?

HafcoVac is family owned and we Manufacture and test all our vacuums at our facility. Also we sell direct so that keeps are prices lower and we pass the savings on to our Customers. All of our parts and accessories can be ordered direct as well.

Is the HafcoVac Certified and Safe for OSHA’s  Hazardous Environments and the NFPA?

Yes of course!

We have been selling into OSHA Recognized Hazardous environments every day and are Certified to sell into Class I and II with our ATEX Certification. Plus to ensure the safety of the unit we had our HafcoVac sent to an OSHA Recognized safety lab, and they deemed it SAFE FOR USE in Class I, II and III ALL DIVISIONS. Our ATEX Certfied Vacuums are the best fit and the most affordable on the market!

What is the and why is it so quiet?

Airflow Requirements at a Glance




18 CFM 12' 160" 12" HV-30-1520
45 CFM 25' 204" 15" HV-30-1560
85 CFM 50' 231' 17" HV-30-1510
185 CFM 100' 231' 17'