Hafco Hires Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply for New Rock Duster 


Midland Park, NJ- Hafco, the original creators and inventors of the 55-gallon barrel Rock Duster, is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply for the Hafco Rock Duster.  

Hafco Rock Dusters are an economical and safe method for the application of rock dust in underground coal mines. They operate using compressed air common to many mines. They use no moving parts and are offered in several custom configurations. With no electrical components, they also require no end-of-shift permissibility inspections, which allows for operation with minimal manpower. 

Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply brings to HafcoVac more than 120 years of experience in distribution in the industrial mining industry. Irwin will focus on streamlining distribution for Hafco’s same-day shipping and can provide regional support to clients. 

“Since Hafco developed the original 55-gallon Barrel Duster, our product has been tested and proven in mines all over the country. It made sense to team up with Irwin, who has a great deal of experience in the coal industry, as well as a very knowledgeable sales force” said Billy Fornaci, Co-President and Chief Engineer at Hafco. 

Each Rock Duster is designed for portability and can be transported easily into and around the coal mine. They are powerful; able to handle 500 feet of discharge hose and do not require the use of an external hopper vibrator. The Hafco Rock duster has shown to be a simple method for making sure all areas of the coal mine comply with the MSHA non-combustible surface requirements. 

For more information and personal, same day service, call 877.820.0050  or visit havcovac.com.