Metalworking & Machine Shop Vacuum Cleaners

There are a variety of industrial vacuums that may be utilized in the metalworking or machine shop industry. From recovery of coolants and lubricants, collection of small debris, metal chips, to the cleanup of lathes and cutting and grinding machines, a wider variety of tasks and vacuums need to be considered.

The particular industrial vacuum cleaning solution is dependent on the particular metalworking center or application. Many commercial shop type vacuums are not sufficient or practical for many of these heavy industrial applications.

Typical material encountered includes dust, sludge, lubricants, fiber, abrasives materials, grindings, turnings, punch outs, metal chips and slag.

Features of our metalworking vacuums include:

Extra heavy duty hoses withstand abrasive nature of metal recovery
Explosion-Proof models can safely recover hazardous metal dusts
HEPA filtration available for dust recovery
Lubricants will not clump, clog or harm the vacuum
Multiple tools and attachments for versatility
Operates safely with compressed air
Has no moving parts to wear, burn out, or spark
Performs in wet or dry applications
 Made in the USA
 Up to 3x the power of electric vacuums (Up to 19″ HG vacuum lift ~228″ water)