Woodworking Vacuum Cleaner

Woodworking areas may be susceptible to fires or explosions. Good housekeeping is a key factor in preventing and reducing the risk of fires or explosions. Many woodworking operations blow the equipment or spaces which can lead to dangerous accumulations of potentially combustible dust.

HafcoVac Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaners are an essential component in the woodworking environment, safeguarding your facility from worker injury, OSHA fines or catastrophic incident. HafcoVac’s pneumatic anti-static vacuum cleaners will not spark and are the safest way to keep your site clean.

Some typical applications which for which often require the use of appropriately equipped explosion proof vacuums include:

Workstation Cleanup
Workers can safely collect wood dust from individual machines and the areas immediately surrounding them throughout their shift by placing a HafcoVac at each workstation.

Facility Cleanup
HafcoVacs will never wear out and are ideally suited for wood shop cleanup, including floors, machines, rafters, pipes, walls, etc.

Hazardous Locations
If you need to operate a vacuum in an OSHA defined hazardous location, you must use equipment safe for use in that environment. HafcoVac explosion proof models are approved for use in Class I,II and III, divisions 1 and 2.

Combustible Dust Mitigation
OSHA has been increasingly strict about enforcing its General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) through its Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program. Many businesses have faced steep fines for failing to adhere to these requirements. Additional regulation is pending, if your company doesn’t already have a combustible dust program, you’ll likely catch the attention of an OSHA inspector if you don’t have suitable equipment such as a HafcoVac explosion proof vacuum.

Advantages of HafcoVac Woodworking Vacuums Include:

 Lifetime Warranty
Operate with compressed air, NOT electricity!
No moving parts to wear, burn out, or spark
Made in the USA
Up to 3x the power of the electric vacuums (up to 19″ HG vacuum lift ~228″ water)
Safer than electric models
Explosion-Proof vacuum options
 Optional HEPA filtration