Paper and Pulp Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Pulp and paper mills traditionally produce significant amounts of dust as well combustible dust particles. Paper mills can greatly reduce the risk of fire and health hazards by implementing good housekeeping practices. Many customers in the paper and pulp industry have been reporting increased OSHA attention to housekeeping practices. Regular maintenance and housekeeping can also reduce the risk of combustible dust. Some paper and pulp facilities, especially those that process chemically treated paper, may be required to use an explosion proof vacuum cleaner.

The paper and pulp industry also utilizes large amounts of water in the paper making process. Industrial vacuums may also be needed to recover water or other material in the manufacturing facility.

HafcoVac manufactures a wide range of intrinsically safe industrial vacuum cleaners suited for the paper and pulp industry. Features of our industrial vacuums for paper and pulp facilities include:

 Use with wet, dry, sludge and anything in-between
High CFM effortlessly moves low density material like paper and dust
55 gallon drum is efficient for bulky material like paper
Powerful suction reduces pesky clogs
Operates with compressed air, electricity is not needed
 No moving parts to wear, burn out, or spark
Performs in wet or dry applications
 Made in the USA
 Up to 3x the power of the electric vacuums (up to 19″ HG vacuum lift ~228″ water)
Explosion proof vacuum options
 Optional HEPA filtration

Why use HafcoVac Cleaning Solutions for Paper and Pulp?

Paper mills and processing plants need heavy-duty vacuums to stay productive and safe. HafcoVacs can swiftly remove the paper materials on overhead pipes, floors and machinery that can result in costly housekeeping fines and health code violations. Paper dust is also combustible and highly flammable. Our HafcoVac Explosion-Proof ATEX EX Series Vacuum Cleaners are the essential component you’re looking for to safeguard your facility from worker injury, OSHA fines or catastrophic incident.


The ATEX EX Series is ATEX Certified for combustible dust in use in Class 1, Division 2, Group A, B, C & D T6 and Class 2, Division 2, Groups E, F, G. They are ATEX-Approved (EX) for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.


The ATEX EX Series comes with a HEPA Certified Filter System and a Filter Bag that is 99.97% efficient at preventing fine dust material from entering the air.


The ATEX EX series is compliant with National Fire Protection Agency guidelines 484, 652-654 and OSHA housekeeping codes.

Get the Right HafcoVac for You

Providing safe, explosion-proof, pneumatic technology at a fraction of the cost, the HafcoVac ATEX EX Series comes with a lifetime warranty and is available for same-day shipping. It is OSHA, ATEX and NFPA compliant. The HafcoVac ATEX EX Series uses an air compressor—no electric motor required.

Slide Overhead Cleaning Tool Kit The Explosion-Proof ATEX EX Series is OSHA Compliant for Use in the Paper and Pulp Industry Buy Now SHUSH 25' Certified Anti-Static Hose reduces noise to 77dB (optional) Static Conductive Air Hose Grounded 55 Gallon
Steel Container
HEPA Filtration
included with all units
Hepa Filtration Powerful Venturi, available in
48 CFM, 85 CFM, and 185 CFM
ATEX 25’ Grounding Cable Floor Tool and Wand Paper and Pulp Vacuum

Since paper and pulp debris is flammable, HafcoVac recommends a certified vacuum. HafcoVac currently offers the ATEX EX Series Vacuum that is certified to safely collect and control combustible materials.

  ATEX Certified
  Cleans Combustible Materials, Fine Dust, Paper Shavings and Liquids
  OSHA and NFPA Compliant
 Grounded Tools
 Anti Static Air Line
 30 or 55 Gallon Drum

Minimize Risk in Flammable Spaces
Anti Static Hose
HEPA Filter for Fine Dust
S’HUSH Silencer
JACK Tool Rack
  Customize to your Air Compressor

The Explosion-Proof ATEX EX Series is OSHA Compliant to Safely Clean for the Paper & Pulp Industry

ATEX EX Series Pneumatic Vacuums are our most popular product for paper collection and control because they are ATEX Certified and can clean almost any material: from  paper dust to cardboard pieces. They are our only ATEX- Certified and anti-static electricity vacuums to minimize the dangers of explosion in the presence of flammable material. They come with a free HEPA filter, S’HUSH Silencer, JACK tool rack and are compatible with all Hafco Vacuum Heads and Accessories. Customize to match your air compressor. ATEX Certified. (Recommended)

Paper and Pulp Housekeeping FAQ

Paper poses a health risk and an explosion risk when particles become airborne in combustible environments. Plus, code violations can be costly and life-threatening. Learn more about why a HafcoVac is the right fit for you.


Yes. Industrial vacuums are the most efficient tools to clean paper processing mills and equipment. They can safely store paper dust, shavings and cardboard debris free of electric motor burnout or shock.


Paper dust and other debris will always be present in the manufacturing process. If unkept, this dust can result in OSHA fines and health code violations. Worse, combustible dust can result in fires and explosions that cause a lot of damage.


HafcoVac Explosion Proof ATEX EX Series Vacuums are non-explosive in and of themselves. They are safe for use as part of a combustible dust control program suitable for paper and many other flammable materials. They are OSHA and NFPA compliant.


According to a Center for Public Integrity analysis cited by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, more than 450 accidents involving combustible dust have killed nearly 130 workers and injured another 800+ since 1980. These accidents were caused by a variety of dust sources including sugar, nylon fiber, coal, iron, plastic and paper.


Most likely, yes. Certified means approved for combustible materials. Paper is highly flammable and airborne posing increased risk for combustion.

The HafcoVac ATEX EX Series is our certified and most popular pneumatic vacuum to accommodate all paper materials. A pre-installed HEPA filter in every ATEX model prevents paper dust from becoming airborne during processes like shredding and recycing. The fully grounded unit is perfect to dispel static electricity buildup. The pre-installed S’HUSH Silencer reduces noise to 77dB.

HafcoVac JACK Tool Holder

Our must have Tool Holder will make your job easier by keeping all of the essential attachments at hand. No more wasting time searching for misplaced tools. Designed to fit all of our vacuums with room for up to 8 attachments.

*shown with our popular Overhead Extension Kit.

Introducing the New Industry Standard for Noise Reduction
Shush Silencer

HEPA filters are 99.97% effective at keeping fine dust particles from entering the air. That means cleaner air and a cleaner workplace. It’s what you need for vacuuming Fine Dust. The S’Hush filter fits all of the HafcoVac line. It’s quick to assemble and add to your any HafcoVac you already own.

Overhead Toolkit
Our Most Popular Accessory

The Overhead Toolkit is our most popular accessory to help keeps walls and floors clear of dust and debris. Easily reach overhead pipes and shelving with 4 feet of extension along with a 6″ wide, a 5″ round and 2 pipe cleaning heads to tackle any job. Pair it with The RACK Tool Holder to make any cleanup operation easy and efficient.

overhead tools