Static Conductive Vacuum Hose


Choose the hose diameter matching your vacuum. If you purchase a different size hose than originally equipped, you will also need an inlet adapter.
1½ Inches1½ inch Inner Diameter hose for smaller and consistent sized material pickup 2 Inches2" Inner Diameter vacuum hose for large or variable size object pickup.
15 Feet25 feet
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Static Conductive Hose for industrial vacuuming applications in combustible dust environments.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 4 in
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HV-7064-P-15 2 Inches 15 Feet $225 add to cart
HV-7064-P-25 2 Inches 25 feet $295 add to cart
HV-7065-P-25 1½ Inches 25 feet $255 add to cart
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