Vacuum Heads


48 CFMMinimum 15 HP Compressor. Medium Duty, for restricted air supply.85 CFMRecommended. Minimum 25HP Compressor. Regular duty.185 CFMMinimum 40 HP compressor. Dual Venturi. Heavy duty.
1½ Inches1½ inch Inner Diameter hose for smaller and consistent sized material pickup 2 Inches2" Inner Diameter vacuum hose for large or variable size object pickup.
30 GallonA 30 gallon system allows for greater maneuverability and easier emptying.55 GallonA 55 gallon configuration is suitable for larger lobs requiring allowing for less frequent emptying.
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  • Operate with Compressed air, NOT electricity
  • Has no moving parts to wear, burn out or spark
  • Performs in wet or dry applications
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • HEPA filtration options
  • Ships same day

Air Supply

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Vacuum Hose Diameter


Drum Size