The S’HUSH Silencer reduces the noise of any HafcoVac to 77 dB. It’s simple to install and designed to fit all our vacuums. If you already own a HafcoVac, you can add the S’HUSH Silencer to enhance your facility. Comes pre-installed with the ATEX EX Series.

A Step Towards Ultimate Safety

Excessive noise is a safety hazard in any industrial environment. Too much can cause damage to the ear drum and even deafness. To keep your workplace comfortable and healthy, Hafco engineers created the S’HUSH Silencer. HafcoVacs emit 92 dB of noise. With the S’HUSH Silencer, any HafcoVac can be silenced to 77dB.

The Cutting Edge Design

Made for big performance in a small package, the S’HUSH Silencer is sleek and compact. Black in color with green lines, the versatile technology weighs in at eight pounds and is compatible with all HafcoVac models. Dimensions are 16” x 6” x 6”.

Unsurpassed Compliance

To address excessive noise in the workplace, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed permissible daily noise exposure specifications for the industrial workplace. To enforce these specifications, OSHA representatives visit these worksites and issue fines for failure of compliance to federal law.

The S’HUSH Silencer is engineered to reduce noise in the workplace to comply with OSHA regulations. The compact technology lowers sound levels to a safe 77dB to protect your business’ compliance to federal laws.

Order with a Real Person and Ship the Same Day

S’HUSH Silencers are available for purchase directly through this site or via live phone order at 201-788-0200. Hafco has a one-step ordering process. Order and ship the same day.

Install S'hush and Foam Filter

Remove S'hush and Foam Filter