Grounding Upgrade Bundle

SKU: HV-30-1500HX-B


Grounding Upgrade Bundle
Grounding Upgrade Bundle

Grounding Upgrade Bundle

  • SKU: HV-30-1500HX-B
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Upgrade your old HAFCOVAC to ATEX specification

Our Grounding Upgrade Bundle allows you to retrofit your existing anti-static HAFCOVAC with the necessary upgrades to bring it to ATEX-level explosion-proof compliance. This bundle comes with everything you need to upgrade to the latest in explosion-proof compliance:

  • HEPA Filter with Synthetic filter bag and filter spring set
  • New drum lid pre-assembled with:
    • Drum gasket
    • Grounded and bonded inlet elbow
    • Elbow gasket
    • Inlet hose adapter
  • Grounding cable with clips, 25ft
  • Static conductive vacuum hose
  • Foam silencer
  • Venturi gasket
Weight 105lbs
Dimensions 26x26x22

Warranty Information

All HafcoVac models come with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Because there is no motor that will burn out, you will only need to replace the consumable items (Filter, Filter Bags, Foam Silencer and Gaskets).

HafcoVac takes pride in our products and values all of our customers. As such, HafcoVac offers a limited lifetime warranty to all original end-users of our products. Generally, this warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship when the product fails under normal conditions. Damage caused by conditions including, but not limited to the following are expressly excluded: modification to any component or assembly, solvents, corrosives, or harsh environmental conditions. Also excluded are all components considered consumables, such as gaskets, filters or exhaust silencers.

It shall be at the sole discretion of HafcoVac to either repair or replace a defective product or part with an identical or comparable unit. Shipping costs to and from HafcoVac will be the responsibility of the customer after 1 year from the date of purchase.

This warranty expressly excludes all claims of consequential or incidental damages which may arise as a result of product use or failure.

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OSHA Compliance

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Lifetime Warranty

With no moving parts to wear out, you will never burn out an electric motor, no matter how harsh your application or environment.

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NRTL Listed


ATEX Certified Explosion Proof


OSHA Compliant


652-654 & 484


Comdust Certified

Wet and Dry Use

Wet & Dry Use

Anti Static Explosion Proof

Anti Static Explosion Proof


Made In The USA

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