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5 Ways to Prevent Industrial Fires and Explosions

Fires are a serious issue, and prevention is key in avoiding injury, death and property damage. A major part of prevention is knowing the risks within your facility and how to manage them properly. Here are the common causes of fires and explosions within facilities — and how to avoid them. read more >

The Most Overlooked Combustible Dust Risks in Food Facilities

Food facilities have countless combustible dust risks–many of which end up overlooked in favor of other risks. However, each risk, no matter how small it may seem, has the potential to result in a very serious and hazardous situation. Identifying overlooked risks, correcting them, and managing them per OSHA and NFPA standards, will help ensure a safe and compliant facility. read more >

Cleaning Hard to Reach Spaces in Your Industrial Facility

All industrial facilities are subject to regulations and standards set by government organizations. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are just two organizations dedicated to ensuring the safety of industrial facilities. read more >

Does My Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Need to Be ATEX Certified?

There are several certifications that you will see on equipment, today we want to talk about ATEX certification: what is it and will it work for your facility? . read more >

Is Your Industrial Vacuum Cleaner NFPA 652 Compliant?

As inconspicuous as dust may seem, it can be incredibly hazardous, especially in industrial and commercial facilities. Over that past decade, dust has been one of the leading causes of serious flash fires and explosions in processing facilities. read more >


Why Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Are a Must-Have for All Metalwork Shops

Metalworking shops, like any other industrial workplace, are home to several by-products as a result of the production process. However, one waste product, in particular, is a cause of several safety and efficiency issues: metal chips. read more >

Reducing the Risk of Explosions in Flour Mills

Flour mills are the backbone of the American economy and an essential part of the agricultural industry. These mills are responsible for breaking down the cereal grain obtained from wheat into flour quickly and at a low cost — but this poses a serious threat to labor and flour mills which we will discuss in this article. read more >

Health Risks in Paper Mills and How To Eliminate Them

With $422 billion in revenue in 2019, the paper and pulp industry is one of the largest in the world. It is also a potentially dangerous industry with a multitude of health risks that paper mill workers face on a daily basis. read more >

Selecting the Best Vacuums for Powder Coating

Powder coating is the preferred finishing technique for consumer and industrial goods, thanks to its durability, economy and quality. In this article, we will learn more about powder coating, the potential risks that come with it and how we can help prevent them with Certified HafcoVac vacuums. read more >

HafcoVac's COVID-19 Update

HafcoVac is an Essential Business and remains OPEN and PREPARED to keep your facility SAFE read more >

An Introduction to Combustible Dust Explosions

Combustible dust explosions are one of the most underestimated hazards in industrial settings. This is simply because people are not aware of how common and dangerous combustible dust can be. In this article, we will discuss the causes of these dust explosions and shed light on how to prevent them. read more >

HafcoVac Announces New ATEX-CERTIFIED ALL-PURPOSE Pneumatic Vacuums

HafcoVac, a leading manufacturer of OSHA compliant pneumatic vacuums, is excited to announce its new ATEX EX Series. The new line of ATEX-Certified vacuums eliminates the risks of static electricity and ensures safety in both regular and hazardous locations.  read more >

HafcoVac Certified and Stainless Industrial Vacuums

Hafco Hires Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply for New Rock Duster

Hafco, the original creators and inventors of the 55-gallon barrel Rock Duster, is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply for the Hafco Rock Duster.   read more >

Portable Hafco Rock Dusters

Hafco Wins at the 15th Annual Small Business Growth Success Awards

Hafco, a third-generation family owned supplier of transit products and industrial vacuum cleaners, will be honored at the NJSBDC’s 15th Annual Awards Ceremony in Monroe Township, NJ on Friday, December 15th.   read more >