Why Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Are a Must-Have for All Metalwork Shops

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  • February 02, 2020
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Metalworking shops, like any other industrial workplace, are home to several by-products as a result of the production process. However, one waste product, in particular, is a cause of several safety and efficiency issues: metal chips.

Metal chips appear in several forms — filings, dust or shavings — and they present a consistent threat to the metalworking shop. Additionally, metalworking shops are home to several other raw elements used in the process, such as oil.

When these metal chips get covered in oil, the result is a safety hazard: a highly sticky waste product that clings to machines and finished products. Not only does that contribute to an unclean, dirty workplace, but it also diminishes the appearance of the final product.

In order to ensure a tidy working shop that adheres to industry regulations, as well as preserving the health of the workers, metal shops need to invest in a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Metalwork And Machine Shops Need to Optimize Their Cleaning Routines

In a robust metalworking environment, an effective cleaning mechanism remains an inevitable requirement to ensure the health and efficiency of the workplace.

In the absence of such a system, the metal and dust particulates pose a grave threat to the well-being of all people in the proximity of the workplace.

Proper Handling of Metal Chips for a Safer Work Environment

Metal chips are dangerous for everyone who comes into the facility, but particularly for people that work in close proximity. There are several reasons why they pose a threat, the major among them being:

  • They are extremely sharp, which can lead to severe injuries.
  • The especially fine particles can be inhaled, leading to serious lung problems.

Typically, in shops where power tools and machinery are extensively used, employees are advised to handle metal shavings with utmost precaution and care.

Lackluster cleaning mechanisms for metal shavings can result in cuts, breathing problems and medical complications for your lungs. The occurrence of such problems can adversely affect the entire production – from the health of your employees to your company's productivity.

It is crucial to invest in the right safety equipment, such as specialty gloves and masks, that can alleviate the chances of injury and harm caused by metal shavings. 

But above all, it's essential that removing metal chips should be handled with specialized machinery. As metal and machine work has become more specialized, it is only rational that the cleaning techniques and equipment follow suit.

Productivity and Product Quality Is Augmented

In addition to harming the health of people in their close proximity, metal chips present additional threats to metalworking shops.

Metal chips and dust floating in the air or resting on solid surfaces can compromise the quality of end-products as well. This is because:

  • Metal chip infused fluids can lead to diminished results when used.
  • Metal shavings and dust particles can attach to power tools, large equipment and finished products, either ruining them or resulting in expensive repairs.

In order to preserve the quality and visual brilliance of the finished product, as well as to ensure optimal health of your workforce, metalworking shops need to invest in comprehensive metal shaving cleaning options: shop vacs for metal shavings.

How Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Keep Your Metalwork Shop in Top Shape

metalworking shop

An industrial vacuum cleaner is the most effective solution for the metal industry, as it can clean machines and power tools from metal shavings after each production cycle.

Vacuums for metal shavings can also remove all evidence of metal clippings, even if they are within liquids such as emulsions, coolants and oil. Once the solids and liquids are separated, the solid can be processed for its scrap value and the fluid can be reused. 

Metalworking shops and facilities need to have an industrial vacuum always available on-site to clean up after spills, accidents that occur in every production cycle.

The best shop vac for metal shavings not only ensures that every minute particle is cleaned up but also guarantees an extended lifetime and performance value.

HafcoVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

If you want the best vacuum cleaner for your metal shop, you want to choose one of HafcoVac's industrial vacuum cleaners

They can handle even the most demanding environments, and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Let's look at the benefits of HafcoVac industrial vacuum cleaners:

Works on a Variety of Materials

Not only do HafcoVac's industrial vacuum cleaners collect volatile and combustible dust, but they also clean up a variety of dry and wet materials. Moreover, these machines are powerful enough to collect metal shavings and dirt from all kinds of industrial surfaces.

Hafco Vac's best shop vac for metal shavings provides a powerful solution for cleaning every aspect of a metalworking shop – from dust, sludge, fiber, grindings to turnings, metal chips, lubricants and abrasive materials.

All Industry-Relevant Compliances Are Met

Compliance and standards are set in place to ensure that everything is done efficiently and safely. As one of the leading cleaning solutions for the metal industry, HafcoVac adheres to all relevant industry thresholds to ensure maximum compliance.

This is why all HafcoVac's industrial vacuum cleaners are certified and abide by NFPA and OSHA standards and regulations for clippings safety, metal dust and shavings. These include:

  • NFPA Class I Division 2 Group E
  • OSHA -Certified for Class 1, 2, 3, Division 1 and 2, Groups A, B, C, D, Zone 1 and 21 E, F, G

Considerable Savings on Electrical Expenses

HafcoVac's industrial vacuum cleaners are not reliant on electricity as their pneumatic vacuum design does not need an electric motor to function, ensuring they are intrinsically safe.

Instead, these units harness energy from compressed air to power air motors, control valves and rotary actuators. The means the chance of electric shortages, burnouts or overheating vacuum cleaners are non-existent. 

Why HafcoVac Has the Best Shop Vac for Metal Shavings

HafcoVac EXLR Vacuum

Here are some reasons why customers are so fond of HafcoVac's industrial vacuum cleaners:

  • All products are made at par with NFPA and OSHA standards.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced and fire hazards reduced as there is no electric motor.
  • All vacuums come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Your product will reach you within 24 hours of placing the order.
  • Vacuum Performance is exceptional at up to 400+ CFM.
  • They use a certified HEPA filtration system and just one filter that can last you up to a year.
  • They are a holistic cleaning solution as they seamlessly handle metal shavings, liquids and dust.
  • The body contains no moving parts and uses no electricity, so there is less chance for breakdowns or sparks to start a fire.
  • They come with either a 30-gallon or 50-gallon drums, so you can get the size that works for your shop.

Metal dust and pieces can be dangerous. It is vital for companies belonging to the metal industry to keep their workspace clean and free from metal chips for employee safety, better product quality and production efficiency. 

Interested in learning more about HafcoVac's pneumatic vacuums? Get in touch with us today!

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