HafcoVac Product Videos

The following videos detail how to perform typical maintenance and assembly tasks on your HafcoVac vacuum. Need to replace your filter or filter bag? Foam exhaust silencer looking ratty and need updating? What is the easiest way to install your vacuum tools on the JACK tool rack? See the viedos below for the answers.

Replace Main Filter

Remove S'hush and Foam Filter

Install S'hush and Foam Filter

Install JACK Hooks

Install JACK Tool Holder

Install Tools on JACK

Assemble Caster Base


Drum Liner Installation


Hafcovac Advantage

Intrinsically Safe
Our explosion-proof pneumatic vacuums:

Contain No Moving Parts
By containing no moving parts, our vacuums eliminate the possibility of ignition from mechanical friction or contact.

Are Fully Grounded
Explosion-proof vacuum configurations are fully grounded, ensuring dangerous static electricity will not accumulate.

Use No Electricity
Eliminates sparks from motor arcing, shorts, switches, etc.