Compressor Requirements

All HafcoVac industrial air-powered vacuums operate using compressed air. The air supply requirement is determined by your application and the availability of your air supply.  The power and performance of the HafcoVac venturi is determined by the amount of air consumed. Increased CFM results in being higher performing units.

There are many factors that will help you determine if your compressor is adequate. Horsepower, tank size, plumbing and current utilization all play a role. Your compressor must be able to deliver a minimum of 60 or 100 CFM @ 90 PSI, depending on which HafcoVac model you choose. A general rule of thumb is that most compressors are capable of delivering 4 CFM at 90PSI for every horsepower they are rated. For example, a 5 HP compressor typically will deliver 5HP x 4 CFM/HP = 20 CFM. HafcoVac recommends the following minimum compressor size to power our vacuums:

HafcoVac Minimum Compressor Size

Compressor Horsepower x 4 = CFM

48 CFM Models - 10 HP Minimum

85 CFM Models - 20 HP Minimum

185 CFM – Dual Venturi Models - 40 HP Minimum

While HafcoVac vacuums will operate when air supply doesn’t meet specifications, please be aware that performance will be greatly reduced. If you are unsure if your facility’s air supply is capable of delivering the minimum requirements, choose the next size down. A 60 CFM pneumatic vac properly supplied will outperform a larger undersupplied model.

Compressor Requirement (Airflow)

Air Requirements Min. Compressor Size Hose Length Max (feet) H20 LIFT (inches) Hg (inches)
48 CFM 10 HP Min. 25' 144" 15"
85 CFM 20 HP Min. 50' 180" 17"
185 CFM Dual Venturi Models - 40 HP Min. 100' 264" 19"


Hafcovac Advantage

Intrinsically Safe
Our explosion-proof pneumatic vacuums:

Contain No Moving Parts
By containing no moving parts, our vacuums eliminate the possibility of ignition from mechanical friction or contact.

Are Fully Grounded
Explosion-proof vacuum configurations are fully grounded, ensuring dangerous static electricity will not accumulate.

Use No Electricity
Eliminates sparks from motor arcing, shorts, switches, etc.