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Safe, Simple, Certified Pneumatic Vacuums
ATEX Certified
HEPA Certified
NRTL Approved
HafcoVac is a Leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Explosion-Proof Vacuums
Powered by compressed air, built for heavy-duty industrial cleaning and material recovery, HafcoVacs provide up to 6x the suction generated by conventional motor-driven vacuums. Housekeeping made easy, our Certified Vacuums are safe, strong, simple to use and comply with NFPA and OSHA standards.
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Certified Stainless Vacuum

Our certified vacuum upgraded to stainless steel.
Our explosion-proof stainless steel industrial vacuums are the perfect solution for demanding environments. Using naturally strong stainless steel drums means they are highly resistant to water, acids, alkaline solutions and chlorine, in addition to being fire-proof, resulting in a long-life and a lower cost of ownership.
Explosion Proof Explosion-Proof
Pneumatic 85 Pneumatic
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Corrosion Proof Corrosion Proof
Simplified Grounding Simplified Grounding
Explosion Proof
Pneumatic 48
Hafco Vacuums
Certified Vacuum
HEPA filtration and more in an OSHA compliant vacuum.

Dust related explosions and fires affect a variety of industries each year, posing risks to workers and facilities alike. HafcoVac Explosion-Proof Vacuum cleaners are Certified and OSHA-Compliant. They are safe for use in many combustible dust and flammable material locations.

Need Help Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Business?

Hafcovac Metal and Machine Shop Vacuum

OSHA-Compliant Add-ons

The S’HUSH Silencer reduces the noise of any HafcoVac to 77 dB. It’s simple to install and designed to fit all our vacuums. If you already own a HafcoVac, you can add the S’HUSH Silencer to enhance your facility. Comes pre-installed with all EXL Series.

Shush Silencer HP


Our must have Tool Holder will make your job safer and easier by keeping the hoses off the floor and all the essential attachments at hand. No more wasting time searching for misplaced tools. Easily maneuver the vacuum using the built-in handles.


Breathe Fresher Air and Cut Cleaning Time
HEPA filters are 99.97% effective at keeping fine dust particles from entering the air. That means cleaner air and a cleaner workplace. It’s what you need for vacuuming fine dust.


The Overhead Toolkit is our most popular accessory to help keep pipes and beams clear of fugitive dust and debris. Easily reach overhead areas with 4 –18 feet of extension along with 6” wide, 5” round and 2 pipe cleaning heads to tackle any job.