The Essential Overhead Tool Kit

Keep Your Facility Compliant

Essential Overhead Tool Kit

Keep your facility compliant with our most requested upgrade. The Essential Overhead Toolkit combines the Overhead Toolkit and The JACK tool holder. The Overhead Toolkit lets you easily maintain workplace cleanliness to prevent the occupational hazards that put your business at risk. Increased levels of dust build-up on shelves, tables, pipes and beams can reduce the efficiency of your machines and your employees. The Overhead Extension Kit is designed to help you further comply to OSHA and NFPA regulations for workplace safety. When finished simply slide the Overhead tools into The JACK to keep them ready for the next job. The JACK fits onto any of our vacuums in both the 30 Gallon and 55 Gallon sizes.

The Essential Overhead Toolkit Contains:

 Aluminum extension wand with coupler
 Pipe Cleaning Tool for 4 – 6″ pipes
 Pipe cleaning tool for 6″+ pipes
 6″ wide utility brush
 5″ round utility brush
 The JACK Tool Holder

Available in 4.5 ft., 9 ft., 13.5 ft., and 18 ft. lengths.

Overhead Cleaning with Curved Brush Attachment

Overhead Cleaning with Round Head Brush Attachment