HafcoVac Fan Mail

HafcoVac customers love our products. Here are a few testimonials we have received from valuable customers.

We are using the vac to clean the plant of wood and corrugated dust. Purchasing the vac has allowed us to clean our plants ourselves. This makes it so we don’t have to pay top dollar for an outside cleaning company. Plus, it allows us to clean at our own pace without disrupting production. Now that we own one, we can institute a periodic cleaning so we don’t have the build up.

HafcoVac has been great to work with. They processed the order and shipped as promised. They have not been bombarding me with emails and phone calls asking to buy more (even though we are internally talking about getting a second unit, shhh).

Complete Packaging, Inc.

Satisfied customer since May 2020

We use the vacuum to clean up a very fine metal dust that is created by a laser steel plate cutting machine. The use of the vacuum has eliminated the massive clean-up that would be needed after entering the machine baghouse. We use the vacuum to clear the loose dust upon opening the baghouse. We also use the vacuum to clean the dust from inside the laser cutting area prior to performing maintenance.  HafcoVac was very helpful in identifying the vacuum that would perform the best to meet our needs and perform in the environment.

ESH/Training Manager, LISEGA, Inc.

Satisfied customer since July 2019

Grime Eater

I love your style! From your well organized, easy to use website, real person answering the phone, fast service and a Made in USA product. Hats off to you guys!

Grime Eater Products Limited

Satisfied customer since March 2008


Early Environmental Contracting ordered an air operated drum vacuum head from HafcoVac. We are very pleased with the company and their products. It was shipped the next day and was received two days later. The vac head is very powerful; it’s able to handle any job you need it to do. We will order from them again. Thanks for excellent products and prompt service!”


Satisfied customer since July 2007

I ordered our HafcoVac for our die making process. We have to cut and drill magnesium dies and our shop-vacs were going out every couple of months because of the fine magnesium chips. We have had the new HafcoVac in production for about two months. We have noticed an increase in suction power which provides us with a cleaner Die Department. Also there is no wear and tear on the vac itself which is outstanding considering the amount of shop-vacs we have had to replace in the last several years. Hands down to you and your team for providing Wes-Tex Printing with an outstanding product and exceptional customer support. Thank you Hafco Team!!

Facility Manager, West Texas Printing

Satisfied customer since May 2007

We are cleaning various chemicals with the vacuum. Some are real fine powder and the rest are more coarse. The vacuum has helped with housekeeping in our area. We are very pleased with the vacuum.


Satisfied customer since March 2008

[We are cleaning up] dust generated from our packaging process, (new vac), 1st one purchased is for cleaning dust / dry material  out of process filters. With the extensions, we are able to remove more of the material out of the process filter prior to having personnel enter the vessel. Less dusty working conditions. [Working with HafcoVac, we’ve experienced] no problems at all, fast service and good followup.

EHS Manager, Sofix

Satisfied customer since August 2018

[We are cleaning up] powder chemicals, dirt, dust, cob webs, solid chemical. Being explosion proof we are able to clean out areas we would not be able to do with a hand broom or other tools. [Working with HafcoVac, our experience has been] great, very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Plant Safety Compliance Manager, Hydrite Chemical Co.

Satisfied customer since December 2015