Learn more about operating HafcoVac vacuums, ordering parts and accessories, and current combustible dust industry safety requirements.

HafcoVac Brochure

Get a closer look at our line of ATEX certified explosion proof compressed air powered vacuums, the available accessories and configuration options.

See our Operating and Safety Manual for grounding guidelines, filter care and replacement instructions, accessory assembly and installation, and overall HafcoVac vacuum operating procedures.

HafcoVac Venturi Head Parts Diagram

View the assembly diagram and parts list for our venturi vacuum head used on all HafcoVac pneumatic vacuums. When ordering replacement parts, please use this diagram as your reference.

HafcoVac White Paper

Safety standards for working in hazardous environments which contain combustible dust now include housekeeping requirements. HafcoVac ATEX certified explosion proof vacuums meet these requirements by eliminating all possible sources of electric spark ignition.