HafcoVac is a Leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Explosion-Proof Vacuums

HafcoVac is the price and service leader for certified, explosion-proof, industrial vacuum cleaners. Powered by compressed air, built for heavy-duty industrial cleaning and material recovery, HafcoVacs provide up to 6x the suction generated by conventional motor-driven vacuums. Housekeeping made easy, our Certified Vacuums are safe, strong, simple to use and comply with NFPA and OSHA standards.
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HafcoVac Certified and Stainless Industrial Vacuums
Hepa Filtration
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Certified Anti-Static Hose
25’ Grounding Cable
Grounded Steel Container
Floor Tool and Wand
HEPA Filter with 1 Bag
S'hush Silencer (77dB)
85 CFM Venturi
Static Conductive Air Hose
Grounded Steel Wheel Caster Base

The JACK Tool Holder
Overhead Attachment Kit

Grounded Steel Container

Static Conductive Air Hose

HEPA Filtration with Bag

Floor Tool and Wand

Certified Anti-Static Hose

Powerful Venturi
85 CFM @ 77dB
HafcoVac Explosion-Proof 55 Gallon Vacuum
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Heavy Duty Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

HafcoVac manufactures superior quality compressed air industrial vacuums for heavy duty industrial cleaning and material recovery. Our industrial vacuums are powerful, reliable and economical, especially when compared to unreliable electric vacuums. HafcoVac industrial vacuums deliver unparalleled performance without the need for electricity, relying solely on shop-supplied compressed air already in place for pneumatic equipment.

With our industry leading Lifetime Warranty, you can have peace of mind that you have found a permanent solution to your cleaning needs.

Hafcovac Dual Venturi
Housekeeping Compliance Made Simple.

HafcoVac Certified Explosion- Proof Stainless Steel Industrial Vacuums are the perfect solution for demanding environments. Using naturally strong stainless steel drums mean they are highly resistant to water, acids, alkaline solutions and chlorine resulting in a long-life and a lower cost of ownership. They are excellent for use with high temperatures and are also fire resistant.

  • Resists corrosion to water, acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine
  • Fire resistant and retains strength at high temperatures
  • Easily cleaned and hygienic for food production
  • Impact resistant and natural strong properties of Stainless Steel
HafcoVac JACK Tool Holder

Our must have Tool Holder will make your job easier by keeping all of the essential attachments at hand. No more wasting time searching for misplaced tools. Designed to fit all of our vacuums with room for up to 8 attachments.

Breathe Fresher Air and Cut Cleaning Time

HEPA filters are 99.97% effective at keeping fine dust particles from entering the air. That means cleaner air and a cleaner workplace. It’s what you need for vacuuming Fine Dust.

Hepa Filtration
Overhead Toolkit
Our Most Popular Accessory

The Overhead Toolkit is our most popular accessory to help keeps walls and floors clear of dust and debris. Easily reach overhead pipes and shelving with 4 feet of extension along with a 6″ wide, a 5″ round and 2 pipe cleaning heads to tackle any job. Pair it with The RACK Tool Holder to make any cleanup operation easy and efficient.

overhead tools

HafcoVac Explosion-Proof Vacuums

Dust related explosions and fires affect a variety of industries each year posing risks to workers and facilities alike. HafcoVac Explosion-Proof Vacuum cleaners are ATEX Certified and safe for use in many combustible dust and flammable material locations. Safely removing combustible dusts can eliminate the potential for disaster in your facility. Our vacuums are certified under the ATEX directive that is the European Union standard for equipment approved for use in explosive atmospheres.

HafcoVacs are non-electric and are a safe, reliable, and cost effective solution for your business. HafcoVac vacuums do not have motors or moving parts to create arcing, friction or sparking. When concentrations of combustible substances are mixed with air and an ignition source it can lead to an explosion. HafcoVacs are designed to eliminate the risks of these potentially catastrophic situations.

The components of the HafcoVac are bonded together ensuring that no part is isolated from its path to ground. Combined with our static conductive hose a HafcoVac Explosion-Proof vacuum will be an effective part of your housekeeping and meeting safety parameters. The performance is not compromised by the explosion-proof safeguards either. HafcoVac Explosion-Proof vacuums will perform with the same power that all of our vacuums are known for.

HafcoVacs comply with all of OSHA’s housekeeping standards that provide for a safer and cleaner workplace. Effective housekeeping programs are important for the safety and wellness of your workers. HafcoVacs also comply with the NFPA 652 Standard, which covers handling of combustible dust, and NFPA 484 which applies to combustible metals or metal alloys that produce powder or dust. These standards cover the fundamentals of combustible dust which includes industries such as agriculture and food processing, metals, wood, and chemical dust to name a few.

EX Certified
OSHA Compliant
Industry Leading Price and Performance
For Wet or Dry Use