Mining Rock Dust Blowers

HafcoVac Rock Dust Blowers are an economical and safe method for the application of non combustible rock dust in coal mines. Economically priced, HafcoVac Rock Dusters operate using compressed air common in many mines and don’t require permits, certifications, approvals, logs, etc.  HafcoVac Rock Dusters have no moving parts.

Dust application rate is variable, making a HafcoVac Rock Duster a perfect solution for both trickle and bulk dusting operations. The most common size and configuration is our 55 gallon drum model (~550 lbs of Rock Dust capacity). We do offer custom configurations as well, please call to talk to a representative to design one for your needs. HafcoVac Rock Dusters can also assist in compliance with MSHA TIC regulations.

Rock DusterThe Original 55-Gallon Portable Rock Duster

  • 550 pound rock dust capacity
  • No moving parts for safe, reliable operation from a unique patented design
  • Connect over 500 feet of discharge hose
  • Compressed air requirements as low as 20 CFM
  • Thousands in use throughout WA, PA, VA, AL and CO
  • No permissibility exams or certifications required
  • Available with or without wheels for easy maneuverability

Big Tank DusterThe “Big Tank” Duster

  • 7,000 pound rock dust capacity
  • Connect over 500 feet of discharge hose
  • Simple 3-piece construction can be unloaded and assembled by only two workers
  • Sizes of each piece meet tunnel restrictions of 54″ maximum height, 72″ diameter
  • Same powerful patented venturi technology as our 55-gallon drum duster

Hafco Transfer StationHafco Transfer Stations

  • Used to move rock dust to remote locations, thousands of feet from nearest track.
  • Each station receives dust, separates entrained air, and propels the dust down the line using only compressed air
  • Cyclone technology eliminates the need for filters, reducing maintenance
  • Entire system operates under low pressure for safety and weight savings


Rock Dust Blowers in Action