HafcoVac Anti-Static Vacuums

Hafcovac Anti-Static VacuumHafcoVac Anti-Static vacuum cleaners are designed and constructed to operate safely in hazardous locations. They are well suited for the safe cleanup of hazardous dusts, wet and dry materials, sludges and slurries within environments that are susceptible to explosions or flammability as part of a housekeeping control program. The use of HafcoVac Anti-Static vacuums are a safe, reliable and cost-effective choice for facilities working with substances and materials that can produce combustible dusts and buildup of static electricity.

HafcoVac Anti-Static Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured in the USA at our NJ facility to perform with tough applications within industries that have a need for safety, reliability and high performance. Our goal of helping facilities safely and effectively remove dusts and debris in their facility is our sole focus. We understand that safely removing this debris is a significant challenge in the workspace and that safety is paramount and efficiency is always desired. HafcoVac Anti-Static Vacuums play a powerful part in the process of keeping productivity high and housekeeping safe and simple.

Our anti-static vacuums are air-powered and use existing compressed air within your facility. They do not have motors that can potentially arc or any moving parts that can create friction or sparks. When electricity is unavailable or not desired, our line of anti-static industrial vacuums offer powerful performance with minimal air consumption. HafcoVac Anti-Static Vacuums use lightweight, flexible and durable, static-conductive hoses constructed from materials that dissipate and mitigate static electricity buildup.

HafcoVac Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaners components are bonded together ensuring that no part is isolated from it’s path to ground. The absence of moving internal parts also greatly minimize maintenance. Consumable items such as filters and filter bags need replacement depending on the usage. Maintenance of a HafcoVac Anti-Static Industrial Vacuum is pretty much relegated to consumable items such as filters and filter bags.

All of our vacuums come with a Lifetime Warranty for peace-of-mind and all are made in the USA.

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ATEX-LabelHafcoVac Anti-Static Grounded Units (“x” model designation) machines meet the criteria for intrinsically safe operation. No moving parts, non-electric and fully grounded which means the unit will not spark or generate dangerous amounts of heat. HafcoVac vacuums are ATEX certified for use in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70: NEC rating Class I, Division 1 (Zone 1 only), Groups A,B,C,D T6 and Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G T6.

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