HafcoVac Advantages


Your employees are not at risk of electrocution as they would be if using an electrically operated device in potentially dangerous wet environments.

Explosion Proof – Dust Ignition Proof – No moving parts, no electric motor and fully grounded configuration creates an intrinsically safe machine when ordered as an anti-static configuration.

Energy Efficient – Sharing the same compressor used for other equipment is more efficient than a separate electric motor driven unit.

Variable Power – The amount of air supplied to a HafcoVac vacuum can be easily adjusted at the valve, resulting in variable suction when full power is not required. Reducing the suction power reduces energy consumed by your compressor, reducing noise while allowing you to tune the unit to your particular need.

Anti-Static - Explosion Proof

If your facility has compressed air, a HafcoVac is for you. Compressed air provides customers with a number of distinct advantages over traditional electric vacuum models.


With no moving parts to wear out, you will never burn out an electric motor, no matter how harsh your application or environment. We stand behind our products, proudly made in the USA with a lifetime warranty!

Certified - Lifetime Warranty


Utilizing powerful compressed air, a HafcoVac pneumatic vacuum delivers unsurpassed power by leveraging equipment you already own and operate. The size and weight of a comparably powered electric machine would be unmanageable.

For Wet or Dry Use


Assembled and distributed in America means quality you can count on.  We have a lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA


Most models are in stock, ready for immediate shipment. Any model you are able to configure using our vacuum configurator will be out the door generally within one business day.  Shipping is typically via Con-Way freight from Midland Park, NJ, though air shipment of complete units is possible.  We often can get you a HafcoVac delivered as early as tomorrow.

Same Day Shipping


Your calls will never be answered by a machine. Your emails will never be sent into an automated black hole. Chat requests will never be answered with canned replies. Get efficient support quickly from our knowledgeable product specialists and rest assured you’ll get the support you deserve in the unlikely event you ever have trouble with your machine.

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