Certified Explosion-Proof Stainless Vacuums


The HafcoVac EX-Certified, Explosion-Proof, Stainless Vacuum comes with our JACK Tool Organizer* and a S’Hush Silencer shown below.


*The Overhead Tool Kit shown with The JACK Tool Kit are accessories sold separately.

Compressed air supply requirement, in CFM @ 90 PSI For most applications, we recommend our 85 CFM model. Should you have a constrained air supply, you can choose from models with a lower requirement, at the expense of performance. 185 CFM models are available for demanding applications in environments with adequate air supply.
48 CFMMinimum 15 HP Compressor. Medium Duty, for restricted air supply.85 CFMRecommended. Minimum 25HP Compressor. Regular duty.185 CFMMinimum 40 HP compressor. Dual Venturi. Heavy duty.
Drum size has no impact on performance. Drum size selection should be based on size of cleanup job, ease of emptying, floor space, maneuverability, etc.
30 GallonA 30 gallon system allows for greater maneuverability and easier emptying.55 GallonA 55 gallon configuration is suitable for larger lobs requiring allowing for less frequent emptying.
Smaller hose performs better and should be chosen when material being picked up is known to be consistently fine.
1½ Inches1½ inch Inner Diameter hose for smaller and consistent sized material pickup 2 Inches2" Inner Diameter vacuum hose for large or variable size object pickup.
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Housekeeping Compliance Made Simple.

HafcoVac Certified Explosion- Proof Stainless Steel Industrial Vacuums are the perfect solution for demanding environments. Using naturally strong stainless steel drums mean they are highly resistant to water, acids, alkaline solutions and chlorine resulting in a long-life and a lower cost of ownership. They are excellent for use with high temperatures and are also fire resistant.

Ready to work on the biggest clean-up jobs right from the box, all you supply is the air.

HAFCO Vacuums are ATEX cn 2, Groups A, B, C and D T6 and Class II, Division 2, Groups E, F, G, Hazardous Locations as defined in the National Electric Code (NFPA 70). Designed and built to the highest standards, our vacuums also carry a Lifetime Warranty.

HEPA Filtration Included
5x more suction than electric
Up to 50 feet of hose
Overhead Cleaning Attachments
Use in Wet & Dry Environments

30 or 55 Gallon Drum
15′ or 25′ Foot Hose
1.5″ or 2″ air line hose available* (depending upon application)
Grounded Tools
25′ Grounding Cable
Endorsement Certificate (for use in Combustible Dust Environments)

Weight140 lbs
Dimensions26 x 26 x 42 in
Air Supply

, ,

Drum Size


Vacuum Hose Diameter



See full spec sheet
HV-30-15185-SS-EXLR 185 CFM 30 Gallon 1½ Inches $3800 add to cart
HV-30-20185-SS-EXLR 185 CFM 30 Gallon 2 Inches $3850 add to cart
HV-55-15185-SS-EXLR 185 CFM 55 Gallon 1½ Inches $3900 add to cart
HV-55-20185-SS-EXLR 185 CFM 55 Gallon 2 Inches $3950 add to cart
HV-30-1560-SS-EXLR 48 CFM 30 Gallon 1½ Inches $3250 add to cart
HV-55-1560-SS-EXLR 48 CFM 55 Gallon 1½ Inches $3350 add to cart
HV-30-1510-SS-EXLR 85 CFM 30 Gallon 1½ Inches $3250 add to cart
HV-30-2010-SS-EXLR 85 CFM 30 Gallon 2 Inches $3300 add to cart
HV-55-1510-SS-EXLR 85 CFM 55 Gallon 1½ Inches $3350 add to cart
HV-55-2010-SS-EXLR 85 CFM 55 Gallon 2 Inches $3400 add to cart
See full spec sheet

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