HafcoVac HEPA Filtration

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration is available for all HafcoVac industrial vacuum models. HEPA industrial vacuum filtration is desirable in many circumstances, and is often required by regulatory agencies such as OSHA, EPA, DEP and others. HEPA industrial vacuum cleaner filtration is useful when the exhaust may be harmful to health or the environment, the environment must be free of dust, or the exhaust dust may be combustible. HafcoVac industrial HEPA vacuum filtration comes standard on all explosion proof industrial vacuums.

Typical applications for HEPA industrial vacuum cleaners include:
Asbestos abatement
Lead paint recovery
Healthcare facility cleanup
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Food processing
Power Generation
Combustible dust preventative maintenance

HafcoVac HEPA filters are manufactured to True (Absolute) HEPA standards, 99.97% efficient at .3 micron. With a HafcoVac HEPA filter properly installed on a well maintained vac, you can rest assured your employees safety is accounted for. When using HEPA filtration, please pay extra attention that the filter is well secured with the retaining springs, and that all seals and gaskets are intact and in good condition. Failure to observe these warnings can result in air escaping without proper filtration, severely reducing the effectiveness of the filter.

Detailed specifications on the filter media used in our filters can be found here. These specifications are verified using a DOP test as per US Military spec MIL-STD-282.

All of our units can be upgraded to use HEPA Filtration.  Click Here to Buy Now.